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One voice raising awareness, providing support and uniting animal rescue communities – together we will make a difference.


NARGA aims to provide information, resources and support to member rescue groups, regardless of the species or breed they rescue, or their location.


NARGA envisions a society that treats animals with respect and compassion, saving them from exploitation and where they are considered a privilege and not a commodity.


The objectives of NARGA are;

  • To provide support and nurture the growth and effectiveness of animal rescuers in Australia.
  • To provide disaster response, lost pet registers, wildlife support, adoption pages, foster caring, publicity and practical assistance.
  • To provide members of the public with emergency foster care and pay pound release fees for those in need.
  • To ensure animals are saved from needless destruction, pain or suffering no matter the breed, the species or the location.

Meet some of the team:

Jan Bartlett – President: A company director, business owner, author and volunteer, has been involved in rescue for over 30 years.  Jan is passionate about bringing the plight of homeless pets to the fore and realises that unity and solidarity is the only way forward. She brings to the committee strong leadership skills, dedication and an enquiring mind.

Karen McEwen – Treasurer: From a corporate legal background, Karen’s love lies with animals. She is currently volunteering with a number of rescue groups in her spare time. She is passionate about animals, and ensuring their welfare is first and foremost. Karen is actively involved in animal advocacy issues and sees her involvement with NARGA as an extension to this and enables her to “make a difference” for the betterment of the animals.

Jade Wilmott – Secretary: Jade has 3 years paralegal experience and has nearly completed study for a law degree. Her biggest passion in life has always been animals. She has a compassionate heart and has been bringing home strays since she was very small. Her goal is to get pet ownership laws changed throughout Australia during her lifetime. She hopes a law degree can help her achieve this. Jade is particularly interested in animal law and would like to be personally involved in the prosecution of those who harm animals.

Cathy Craw – Group Advocate: With a Masters in Health Nutrition and Exercise Sciences Cathy’s heart belongs in animal welfare and until Dec 2012 was the Welfare Manager for the Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania. Whilst at the DHT she was also a director of Animal Welfare League of Australia and a member of the Getting to Zero steering committee. She is now volunteering at Brightside Farm Sanctuary and is also in the early stages of setting up a co-op for private rescue. She is passionate about networking and finding new and better ways to do things across the world rescue community and is excited about supporting the smaller rescues and people in the community and their companion animals, farm animals and the wildlife they work with.

Kristy Alger – Spokesperson