whiendeyssemerald2NARGA is developing a number of programs aimed at teaching school aged children and adults alike what it truly means to look after a pet responsibly.

An element of the educational programs will be about teaching children about treating animals with the appropriate respect to avoid bites, etc, but we feel more focus needs to be about preventing the huge number of animals that enter our pound systems and are euthanized due to lack of true understanding of all the implications owning a pet has.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s warriors. Our hope is that by teaching children the fundamentals of proper pet ownership they will pass this knowledge onto their friends, families, acquaintances and, in the future, their own children.

Whilst NARGA strongly believes teaching the young is the best way to change things for the future, we also hope to help make immediate changes by re-educating the community in general.

Basic community education should at least include topics on: choosing the right pet for your situation; resources for researching the best pet for you; appropriate registration; microchipping – how and when to update details; husbandry; council rules and regulations; state laws and regulations; happy pet basics; socialising and training; regular vet visits and vaccinations; full disclosure on lifetime costs of pet ownership.

Given the right information and tools anybody can have a long, happy and healthy relationship with their pet.