saresbabiesWe have developed an extensive database of animal rescuers across the country, including the type or breed of animals they rescue, which will be most useful for referring one group to another.

We are currently creating some more specific databases that will be of benefit to animal rescuers in regards to transport, fostering and volunteering. In the future we would like to work with rescuers to create even more specific databases such as where to go for help for a cat with FIV, or who is very knowledgeable about farm animal husbandry, who is an expert in regards to reptiles, etc.

We also wish to see a great networking pool in regards to resources and goods, and a way to facilitate this. Just recently two groups did a swap of pet food. One had more cat food than they currently needed and one had more dog food than they needed. They worked together, traded their goods, and helped each other out.

If you have any ideas of a networking tool that could benefit you or your group, we would love to know about it!