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Put your name down to support our animal rescuers by becoming a valued volunteer!

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Many animals across the country are living in animal shelters, waiting for someone to adopt them and take them to a new, loving home. Unfortunately, waiting for an adoption can take a long time. By becoming a NARGA Foster Carer you can offer rescue pets a safe, loving home that many have never experienced before!

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Home inspections are a vital part of the rescue chain. They help ensure a rescue pet is going to a loving and safe forever home. NARGA supports animal rescuers throughout every state in Australia, so no matter where you live we would really love you to join us, helping save many lives.

Disaster Response Volunteer Database »
In times of emergency or disaster it is necessary to have a volunteer team to call upon to help pick up and drop off goods to people and animals requiring them, help with animal transport, help with clean up, temporary animal homing, and any other assistance that may be required in these hard times. Please join us to assist animals and their owners in times of extreme hardship.