deannesbabyNARGA believes education is the key to making positive changes. By participating in relative research we can find causes and hopefully solutions to many problems facing Australia’s animal rescuers.

One main focus is on educating on all areas of companion animal ownership starting from the ground up. We want to establish the reasons why the pounds are so full – Is it because owners not taking the right measures to keep their pets safe? Is it because people are relinquishing or abandoning their pets when they can’t properly manage them anymore? Can people truly not afford to pay the pound’s ransom fees? Are owners genuinely struggling to keep their pet but can’t find the resources to help them out? Is it because people have fallen ill, experienced genuine financial hardships, had a dissolved relationship, or another of life’s hardships? Has the pet have behavioural problems that seem like they can’t be solved? Are people not aware of all the things to take into consideration when they get a new furry family member?

We want to know what the causes are so we can establish what can be done to change this situation for all.

We want to know if there are holes in the current microchipping system. Do people know which microchipping database to contact to have their details updated? Did they remember to get the details off the previous owner or seller so they can be changed? Do they know how to find out what details are currently stored on the microchip? Do they know the laws that effect them in regards to microchipping where they live?

These are just a few topics NARGA wishes to cover in the near future.

If you have your own ideas for research that could benefit you or companion animals, please contact us and tell us your ideas. If you are undertaking your own research in regards to companion animal welfare and would like some assistance or resources we would love to hear from you.