traceyschickyAnimal Welfare Act
Animal Welfare Regulations
Greyhound Racing Rules
Livestock Act
Pounds Act

Compiled from theĀ Animal Welfare Act


A person must not abandon an animal.

Provision of food, drink and shelter

If an animal has been confined for a period exceeding 24 hours without appropriate and sufficient food or drink, any person may enter the premises where it is confined to supply the animal with food or drink and the person incurs no liability for entering the premises.

This does not apply to or in relation to: an animal confined in a railway truck; or stock animals being transported in accordance with an adopted code of practice.


A person in charge of a confined animal must provide the animal with adequate exercise, or a reasonable opportunity for adequate exercise, unless it would be unreasonable in the circumstances for the animal to exercise.

A person in charge of an animal (other than a stock animal) must not confine the animal in a cage that is too small to allow the animal a reasonable opportunity for adequate exercise. This does not apply if the person satisfies the court that he or she confined the animal for a period not exceeding 24 hours; and in a manner that inflicted no unnecessary suffering on the animal, for the purpose of transporting the animal; or displaying the animal in a public exhibition or competition.


A person must not tether an animal for an unreasonable length of time or by an unreasonably heavy or short tether.

Restraint of dog in or on moving vehicle

A person transporting a dog in or on a moving vehicle on a public street must restrain or enclose the dog in a way that prevents the dog falling from the vehicle. This does not apply to a dog being used to work stock animals. Restraining a dog by means of a choker collar or choker chain does not satisfy the requirements.


Unless authorised by a law in force in the Territory, or in writing by the Authority, a person must not sell, have in his or her possession or set a metal-jawed trap that is designed so that the metal jaws close against each other when the trap is activated. This does not apply in relation to a bow trap or soft-jawed trap; or the possession of a trap if it is possessed solely for display or as a curio or part of a collection.

Electrical devices

Unless authorised by a law in force in the Territory, a person must not: sell an electrical device; use an electrical device on an animal.